His hobbies include collecting, playing music and creating playlists which he has done for years and he also dabbles on his guitar from time to time.  He has a cat called Sophie and two daughters. His lifelong dream of being a radio presenter came to fruition in February 2018, when he was fortunate enough to start host the Breakfast Show on Eden Community Radio and later a more relaxed show over the weekends called “The Brett Cassette.” 

Brett has a wide knowledge of music, with the 80’s being a favourite.  He feels if he could get one young boy or girl to love radio the way he did as a child, he would be thrilled. He believes that entertaining content and personal engagement with his listeners is a priority. You can look forward to an eclectic mix of music, sport and interesting features on the Saturday Morning Breakfast Show.

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Saturday Breakfast with Brett 08h00 – 11h00


Brett loves Radio, he has some early memories which shaped the way radio played a part in his life. When he was about 4 years old, he recalls being mesmerized by the voices of the people emanating from his late father’s Radiogram. Brett loved listening to Esme Euvrard and David Gresham. Squad cars was a favourite he recalls with fondness today. His parents gave him a small battery operated radio and he would listen to it, holding a small mono earphone at his mouth pretending to be presenting a show. A couple of years later whilst at the “old” Rand Easter Show he recalls standing on a milk crate with his nose glued to the windows of the then Radio 5 outside broadcast, watching and listening to legends such as Karl Kikillus and David Blood.